Welcome to Recollections!

Since 2010, Kathy Paslay has been specializing in finding unique items to offer you at small-town prices.

Sometimes quirky, sometimes eccentric, but always distinctive! Recollections in Lecompton is a fun store to find unusual antiques, vintage items, and gifts. From kitchen ware to decorative arts, from man-cave items to jigsaw puzzles, Kathy has a variety of merchandise to offer everyone.

It is just the right mix of new merchandise and vintage consignments to make every visit a shopping adventure.

Kathy is no stranger to adventure. She is a direct descendant of Daniel Boone, the famed American pioneer, explorer, woodsman, and frontiersman from the late 1700s -early 1800s. Albert G. Boone, grandson of Daniel Boone, was one of the founders of Lecompton in 1854. In fact, Boone Street in Lecompton is named for him. Amazingly, over 150 years later, Kathy Paslay, the Boone descendant, has a shop right on the main street of Lecompton at 336 Elmore Street!

When Albert G. (A. G.) Boone and another fellow Dr. Aristides Roderique picked the site for the town, they saw a bald eagle fly overhead. At the suggestion of Dr. Aristides Roderique, the town was originally named “Bald Eagle.” It went by that name for a short time before the name “Lecompton” was chosen, in honor of the chief justice of the territorial supreme court, Samuel D. Lecompte, from Maryland. Bald eagles can still be seen flying over Lecompton!

Open 10am-3pm: Friday, Saturday, and Sunday

336 Elmore Street, Lecompton, Kansas 66050

Two doors down from Aunt Netters Cafe!